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Why I Chose To Follow Jesus & Start This Ministry

If you're reading this, thank you very much for checking us out and for reading my very first blog post.

My name is Joe Tran and I'm a father, a musician, the owner of a digital marketing agency in Mishawaka Indiana called Joe Tran Media Group and a follower of Jesus.

I grew up hearing about Jesus but never fully followed or gained serious interest in Him until the very beginning of 2011. I remember the day vividly (it was the first Sunday of the year). A friend of mine worked at a church in Oceanside, California and I asked her if I could go with her that evening.

The message was great but that was not why I chose to follow Jesus. The experience I had when I decided to give my life to Christ during that service was beyond the natural world. As the pastor asked the congregation to pray and invite Jesus into our hearts and to give our lives to Christ, I responded by wholeheartedly expressing that prayer to Jesus.

An incredible sensation which felt like a warm soothing blanket of pure warmth and love overcame me. I honestly thought for a second the air conditioner in the room started running but I was mistaken. It turned out the Holy Spirit covering me with Himself.

I felt every negative emotion, thought, sensation leave my body at that moment. I felt like I was momentarily the perfect version of myself God originally designed me to be. Arguably, I felt like sin actually left my body. From that moment, I decided to attend church every Sunday which to this day I have probably missed church less than six times or so.

It was been nearly ten years since that day. Since then, I have helped start a few churches, non-profits, served on many ministry teams, spoke about Jesus to people online as well as in person, experienced life and great memories with many other followers of Jesus and many more.

However, for the past five years or so, I felt God pushing me to help build and lead His church in a much larger way. Starting this ministry is my response to that calling.

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