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As followers of Christ, we believe we are to serve and love like Christ served and loved others. Our non-profits are great places to explore opportunities to serve and give.

Joe Tran serves as the Digital Marketing Director and Board Member for a non-profit called Sisters of the Streets. He uses his skill-set and talents to help educate and lead others into action against the human-trafficking and sexual exploitation movement. He is also involved in helping many other organizations as well. If you would like to have your organization added to this list, feel free to contact us.

Feel free to explore our non-profits below.

"God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them." -Hebrews 6:10 NIV

Sisters of the Streets

Their purpose is being direct advocates for women and young girls who have experienced domestic sexual exploitation as well as a reliable resource which provides tailored assistance where they need it, when they need it. We're committed to raising awareness by educating society of the harsh realities of "the game" and focusing on educating on the importance of all inclusive solutions to this issue.

With emphasis on all three areas of the issue (The exploited, the buyer and the exploiter) Overall, the final goal is to not only help support our peers in getting out of the their exploitive situations but to also continuously support them so they're empowered to stay out.

We believe exploitation is not just an issue for those involved in it, it is an epidemic of humanity.

We are Sisters of the Streets and we are created by those that have lived it for those who are living it

I'm Blessed 2

I'm Blessed 2 exists to empower women to be the person God created them to be. We help women who have been abused, affected by addiction, trafficked, homeless and more. We are a non-profit organization located in Fort Worth, Texas serving the Fort Worth region. If you would like to help support, consider becoming a donor. We sincerely appreciate you supporting all the women in our care.

Chris and Gloria are founders of the I'm Blessed 2 movement. Gloria ran away at the age of twelve and started getting involved with drugs and alcohol. She spent her late teen years and early twenties in addiction. Throughout this time she also underwent different forms of abuse. It wasn’t until she found her identity in Christ that she began to see she was called to help struggling women find their purpose and identity in Christ. Since 2013 Chris and Gloria have helped women in the Fort Worth - Dallas area and around the world. 


Six years ago they had the chance to give a single mother and her daughter a hand up. Now this young mother is paying it forward. Chris and Gloria's motto from the beginning has always been "Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone." Their God-given vision is to help lead hundreds to even thousands of women to become who God created them to be.

JoeTran316,JoeTran316 Ministries,Joe Tran,Jesus Christ,Christianity,Non Profit,Church,Scripture,Bible,Amen,Blessed,Christian Inspiration,Faith,John 316,Mark Driscoll,Bishop TD Jakes,Steven Furtick,Francis Chan,Rick Warren,Craig Groeschell,Brian Houston,Judah Smith,Timothy Keller,John Piper,CS Lewis,Andy Stanley,Carl Lentz,God Is Love,God Soldier,Keep Moving Forward

Sacred Beginnings

Sacred Beginnings is the first survivor-led peer mentored program in Michigan for women who have been sexually exploited/trafficked.

About the founder: Leslie F. King is a survivor of human trafficking/sexual exploitation. She was coerced and forced into the lifestyle of prostitution at the tender age of 15 in Grand Rapids, MI. She became trapped in the underworld of prostitution and drug addiction for over 20 years. On July 4, 2000 Leslie miraculously found the strength and the courage to get free. For the past 18 years she has been intense and intentional about working with women and teenage girls who find themselves trapped in the same horrors and loss of purpose.

In 2005, Leslie utilized her experience, expertise, and inspiring example of a renewed lifestyle to open Sacred Beginnings, which is a safe haven that offers hope, and healing to prostituted women. Leslie consults with law enforcement agencies, human service professionals, clergy, and others requesting direction and understanding in working with prostituted women, teenagers, and children. she also speaks at various conferences and academic institutions on the issue of human trafficking.

Alabaster Jar Project

Finding that San Diego is the 8th largest city in the U.S. with the issue of Human Trafficking and that there were limited resources for survivors, co-founders Susan Johnson, Nate Alcorn and Kyle Moss incorporated the Alabaster Jar Project. The mission was to provide housing and resources for women who have survived human trafficking and sexual exploitation. The Alabaster Jar Project began as a ministry of The Church at Rancho Bernardo and incorporated as a standalone nonprofit 501(c)3 in 2013, receiving tax exempt status in July of 2014.  It is now comprised of Grace House, a long-term residential program; a Resource Center, a drop-in center that provides clothing, toiletries, programming and Peer Support Group.

History: Funded solely by private donations, we started supporting clients in November of 2014 and housing our first two transitional housing clients in January of 2015. 

  • Incorporated 2013

  • July 2014 Tax Exempt Status

  • November 2014 began supporting clients with tangible basic needs

  • January 2015 began housing our first two clients

  • June 2015 began Resource Center & Peer Support Group

  • December 2015 Partnership established with the Sisters of the Divine Savior – Hope House, which enabled us to open Grace House

  • March 2016 opened Grace House, a long-term residential program for survivors of human trafficking in North San Diego County 

Currently, we are dedicated to keeping our administrative costs below 20% of our budget with the majority of our budget going directly to client care.  Over 50% of our staff are survivors themselves and add to the quality of our client care, empowering survivors who are empowering their peers.

Blackout Trafficking

Everyone Deserves To Be Free


Limiting Our Freedom to Bring Freedom to Others

Once a year individuals from around the world commit to igniting a broader awareness of human trafficking while raising funds for anti-trafficking organizations. The method is simple--wear your chosen black item of clothing each and every day of March.

If you want to learn more about human trafficking, help others know about this issue, and do something meaningful about it, we invite you to join us in March for the Blackout Trafficking Challenge. Not sure about joining us yet? Download our 10 Simple Ways to Fight Trafficking, here.

History of Blackout Trafficking

Once upon a time, our Founder didn't feel like she could do much of anything to ease unnecessary suffering in the world, let alone encourage others to care about it . Inspired by the Uniform Project, wearing a little black dress was an act of defiance against popular culture's standards and apathy. Incidentally, she changed through the project by embracing a more minimalistic lifestyle, while others who had previously watched her with indifference joined her.

Over the last ten years, small groups of brave individuals have joined her during the month of March in a black piece of clothing and have made the project theirs, continuing to expand its influence. To date, we have collectively raised $93,000 and the Blackout Trafficking team continues to be thrilled as others join us and are transformed through the experience. 

You can learn more about Elisa, the first years of Blackout Trafficking (formerly known as the LBD.Project and the Little Black Dress Project), and read current posts about the LBD.Project by going to, where Elisa continues to inspire average and ordinary people to change the world.

Financially Support Us

If you find our ministry is helping improve your relationship with Jesus Christ, feel free to donate below.

We sincerely appreciate your generosity. Note: Since we have not officially attained our 501(c)(3) status with the IRS, donations provided to us at this time will not be tax-deductible.

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