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Fundamentally, we are human beings helping other human beings help other human beings. We believe in not only providing top-quality client experience to our clients but also top-quality work experience to our team.





Joe Tran has been involved with computers and web design since 1999 when he was a freshman in high school. He has spent countless hours creating art of all kinds from paintings to music. He started Joe Tran Media Group, LLC due to the demand for his creative yet business-oriented digital services. With skills in photography, music, audio and video production (studio and live), as well as web design, he developed quite a list of diverse clients.

           His experience in social-media marketing was developed after ten years of marketing his own music on sites like Myspace and Facebook. Eventually, expanding to sites like YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Snapchat, and Instagram. The traffic received on his social media pages grew exponentially, pushing his Klout Score to peak so far at 65. Meaning, out of all social-media users on the internet, he ranked in the top 10%.

          Passions he is involved in is following Jesus, helping others in outrageous ways, and spending time traveling with his family. 

  • Awards:

    • 2021 Nomination for Top 100 Marketing & Advertising Leaders | MARsum Awards

    • 2020 Most Influential CEO - Indiana | CEO Monthly Magazine

  • Affiliations:

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